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We Are One Yoga 

Love Fest

Last year's festival was such a beautiful dance of exploration, elevation and flow.


"The most heart expansive experience I've ever had." 


"One of the happiest times of my life." 


Is some of the feedback we got from last year's event.


This year we are serving up another divine dance of self-inquiry and our theme is LOVE!

LOVE. We’ve been told it’s all we need. We’ve searched for it from the moment we exited mother’s womb, and have journeyed through crying tears of joy and tears of pain in relation to it. We’ve built temples and monuments of reverence and devotion around the globe because of it, and we’ve also destroyed inner and outer worlds in the seeming absence of it.


But what is this elusive/destructive/beautiful/crazy unpredictable thing called love anyway? Can we truly ever know what it is? Can the spirit of LOVE be boxed and defined? Has it and can it ever leave us? Are we ever separate to that in which we were conceived from and will ultimately return to? Why do some of us run and hide from it? How can we honour each other and ourselves and learn to embrace and embody more of it?


Let’s explore and answer all of these questions and more.

Let's dive into it! Let's feel it. Express it. Melt into it. Dance with it. Play in it. Create with it. Share in it.

Through our commitment to create transformational events that are accessible to all, we’ve teamed up with Chuffed (a social initiative dedicated in supporting social enterprises create positive change) to crowdfund our event. We believe in the transformative power of building community around shared visions, and invite you to join us and guest facilitators to be part of building our vision to provide warm, welcoming spaces that connect, co-create, educate, celebrate and serve. Click here to go directly to our crowdfund campaign.

Your donation will go towards helping us in successfully running this event, and every donation will receive a ticket to attend. 


WAO will be donating 5% of all donations to Suicide Prevention Australia to support the funding of services dedicated to reducing the number of Australian suicides.   

Can you be part of supporting WAO's vision by donating to co-create our event?

All the L❤VE,