Tallarook, Victoria

Pannapassadhi is a home of light and tranquillity, bringing forth wisdom of the Earth, its communities, and individuals.

Peaceful landscape, Vegetables, Wilderness, Fruits

A space to elevate all beings through ones own practice and interaction together. Blessed with resources and fine facilities we can powerfully live in wellness and wisdom.

Offering space to connect with self and the Earth peacefully. Calling community to interact; act; activate. Calling self to deeply listen; practice; show self-love. Calling wisdom to permeate every cell of our being. Where separation is no longer, and unity is truth.

We have vegetable gardens, bees, a large orchard and other projects which get us outdoors; giving and receiving abundance.

We have a dedicated practice space ideal for group practice which supports our daily routines. You are welcome. If you wish to engage further with this space please feel free to drop us a line.


We Are One Yoga © 2020

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