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It is not about if you can or cannot do it, it is how you are when you are in it. That makes every moment moving through life a tool to elevate the sanctuary of the heart into every breathe. Too long has there been pressure on how we are meant to be or how the "i" would like it to be. When the focus is shifted to see into everything as it is, without the distortion of any conditioning, we notice that at the core of all nature is a Buddha, a Christ or pure awareness. This awareness has never left us, awaiting for the individual to trust and full embody it, living day to day in synchronicity with our true nature, our highest potential. 

My daily job is as an Architect. Designing the built environment to harmoniously work with the natural order of all living things. The same way yoga focuses on Chi', Prana or life force moving through the body; Architecture also has the same effect through a building. A design that works is one that incoperates sustainability, enhances the well-being of the occupants, whilst minimising the impact on the environment. 

I am a student and teacher of Kundalini Yoga, Ashtanga Vinyassa Yoga and Meditation. Refreshed by on-going travels inward and outward discovering the roots of Self and Yoga. The spontaneous energy that arises, is to share a fresh modern outlook on the ancient traditions through the practise and service to the teachings of true wisdom. 

We come together this festival to promote a place of authentic sharing and listening without judgement. The gathering is to recognise our inter-connections, anchor awareness and be HUMAN! I believe it is important to grow a world of love and compassion to connect and help others. 


Listen you who live 

By your purity, 

Spiritual discipline,

And grace,

Keep it with you, Beloved Ones,

The Sound Current

That cuts the ego-shackles of the mind.

In the dimension 

Of Ultimate Reality 

Your Spirit


In every identity.

This truth

Has become 

My food. 


- Anand Sahib Guru Amar Das


It is with a full, expressive heart that is in service to the healing, strengthening and the rising of our collective that I have been so blessed to find myself here in collaboration with this amazing fam. Never would I have ever imagined 5 years ago when I began my journey, that I would be where I am today - in dedicated service of true alignment so that I may share with you the ancient art of Kundalini Yoga, and all that supports a lifestyle of Dharma, from a place of humility and embodiment. It is my deepest intention to wholeheartedly share with you a path of integrity and reverence so you may feel safe, inspired and nurtured to grow and deeply explore your journey, which ultimately is the journey of all. This incredible path we walk is one of such infinite love and limitless potential when consciously stepping forward with presence and patience, and it is in deep communion with our innate wisdom that a purposeful, fulfilling existence is cultivated. An expansive state of unwavering trust and liberated expression is what inspires me to deliver practices that are empowering and activating to you. During these times of confusion, separation and dis-ease, it is our responsibility to allow ourselves to remember the most precious treasures are within, and to return to our most beautiful, peaceful, natural state of radiant love. 

May we return to innocence.

May we remember that we are Love.

May we Rise Together As One. 

Sat Nam.

Sher Arjan

Through this project I'm honoured to co-create community and skill sharing focusing on embodied awareness and deep wisdom. I wish to hold a space of joy, light hearted interaction and action; stillness and spaciousness; which honours key values of Dharma through all of our actions and being. 'I' as a community on the micro, creating change on the macro. 

Start with self, love all beings.

Only oneself can change their destiny. This project offers me the opportunity to implement change on a community level through offering an immersive experience of powerful connecting yogic practices. My intention is to facilitate practices for this festival that connect community in an embodied fashion and create one-ness of heart space; as individuals maintain the awareness within the framework of their body.

Through this project I am committed to a non-sectarian celebration of the Buddha, the Dharma and the Sanga. May each one of us at this gathering be Buddha; access our deep wisdom, peace, space; our unknowing, and knowing. May each of us live our truth, Our Dharma. May we have the skills to deeply listen to truth of nature; of self; of body; mind; thought; and sensation. 

A gathering of Sanga; of community, upon this land we posture. Together sharing our gifts of enlightenment and love; Peace, Space; Metta. We are blessed to have access to many ancient teachings. Through integrating these teachings as community we can explore our interactions, non-cognitive selves and our sharing of gifts together. Through gathering and practicing together we can increase our capacity of ‘being’ in the world.

Community of earth

Community of heart

Community of love

Community of well being

through care for oneself, for others, for the earth and all that is.

This festival gives us the opportunity to live as a community of light, together activated in truth.

Sat Nam.

We Are One Yoga © 2020

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