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Our Healers


Angels Reiki

Michele is a Master of Angels Reiki learned under her Teacher Anisis. Working with these core energies to help transform and clear energetic blockages angels Reiki supports and quickens healing processes within the body, mind and spirit. Angels Reiki attunes with energies of Christ and Buddha and other ascendant masters to create a loving and caring healing experience.


Sound Healing

Charith works one on one and in groups to facilitate pathways to personal resonance. He works with instruments such as gongs, crystal bowls and singing bowls to create exotic soundscapes that can encourage self-inquiry. Charith is based in Melbourne and is a student of the British Academy of Sound Therapists and a member of the International Institute of Complimentary Therapists. 


“The universe we are part of is constructed by immeasurable amounts of matter and energy vibrating at diverse speeds and rhythms. My journey with sound is to further explore and share the knowledge of this wonderful relationship” C.S